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Brick and mobile services are going to start popping up all over the place in the next few months. I have already seen an increase over the last month. So I figured I would do a quick review of Remarkamobile for you as a service, as well as a business opportunity.

First I will cover an overview of the services Remarkamobile offers.

Remarkamobile offers done for you services for small business owners who don’t have the large IT budgets to do it themselves or hire it done. Until now.

Mobile Text (SMS) Packages, Mobile Ready Websites, QR Codes and Apps

We offer SMS text packages so small business owners can build a mobile list and communicate with them. You can get short codes so that you can advertise “text xyz to 123 for a coupon.” That is one example of what you can do to build a mobile list of your customers.

Now you can text offers or specials to them when you want. And texts get opened a lot more than emails.

Remarkamobile also offers a way to make your existing website mobile ready so people can actually read it on their mobile devices. Don’t have a website? You can get one done for you.

You have probably seen QR codes popping up in newspapers and ads lately. Remarkamobile will create high quality QR codes for your business as well.

How about an app for your business? You can have even more ability to communicate with your customers by having an app that they can download to their phone to keep up on what is new.

That is just a very quick look at the highlights of the services offered. You don’t just get the services though. You also get weekly training webinars that teach you the best ways to use mobile marketing for your business. These are also kept in a training library so you can access the ones you might miss.

Now let’s take a look at the business opportunity available with Remarkamobile.

Mobile Marketing Advisor

First off it is a business to business opportunity. Do you know any small business owners that could benefit from these services?

Some say internet marketing is dead. I don’t think that is true, but I do think that it is completely oversaturated. The traditional way of internet marketing is a lot more difficult.

More people have access to the internet over their mobile phone than in any other way. It just makes sense that this is the next wave of opportunity for those who like to be out front of the market trends.

Remarkamobile offers its mobile marketing advisors up to 30% commissions on sales and services. If you own a small business, and could use these services, as well as another income stream, this could be a natural fit.

The biggest attraction to me is the ability to have another income stream from helping other business owners to get services that can increase their ability to get and communicate with customers. All while using the services to get and communicate with customers for my business.

It doesn’t matter if you own an internet business or a traditional brick and mortar. Mobile marketing is going to be an important piece of any business owner’s arsenal.

If you would like to learn more about Remarkamobile, or see if it could benefit you, register to attend a webinar called The Coming Mobile Revolution put on by the co-founders.

If you found this to be useful, please share it with others and leave me your comments.

PS: Don’t forget to register for the webinar.

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