Ken & Leann Montoya

I am happily married, and the father of three beautiful daughters. I have been a professional firefighter for over 15 years. Before that, I worked for an ambulance service and a volunteer fire department. As a firefighter, I have a lot of time off. Most other firefighters work a second job, or a lot of overtime. I stay home and take care of my kids. You see, my middle daughter was born with spina bifida, and requires a little more care than we can find at a day care. So, when I get home in the morning from my job, my wife goes to hers. It really is a blessing to get to spend the time I do with my kids. I spend a lot of time playing dolls and tea party.

When the kids napping, or playing well on their own, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I can’t go outside and work in the yard, or they get into stuff. So I found myself surfing the net. I spent a lot of time looking at 4×4 and gold prospecting web sites. Then, one day, after discussing our finances, and trying to figure out a way to get a second job, or work overtime, I came to the conclusion that I was going to figure out a way to work from home. I knew there were people who did it, so i figured I could too.

The best thing about this is I am not tied to any schedule but my own. I work when I want, and can take a break to put a pony tail on a barbie doll. This is a win/win situation. I still get to be around to raise my kids, and make extra income.

Now that I have been doing this for a while, I find myself being more focused on helping other people who want to be able to spend more time with their kids do just that. That doesn’t mean I won’t help anyone reach whatever their goals and dreams are. I absolutely will. I just feel passionate about parents spending time with their kids. I see too much of a disconnect between parents and kids these days with parents having to work all the time just to get by.

Just getting by is no way to live, in fact it sucks, and I’ve had enough watching people live like that.

So let’s change that… Take a look around here, and see if anything feels right for you, then let’s get together and change things.


Be the change you want to see in the world,

Ken Montoya